Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: Tiny cat
Species: Cat
Age: TBA
Friends: Lord Grim (Master)
Enemies: Jake, Finn, Jake, Finn, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter, Gumball, Darwin, Courage, Maxwell, Sandy, Stan
Relatives: TBA
Occupation: 2nd Class Assassin
First Appearance: Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls Crossover 2

Me-Mow is a tiny white cat with striped fur. She has large pink eyes, a circular mouth with pointed teeth, and razor sharp claws. Her tail is unusually long and prehensile, and she uses it to carry a test tube of red liquid, which is an antidote to her poison. Her tail can puff up during attack mode. She carries a syringe, that has a picture of her face on it, filled with green poison. She keeps a dagger in her throat. She have partnership with Lord Grim.

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