800px-Meowth Team Rocket
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Pokemon cat-like
Friends: James (former), Jessie (former), King Dedede (former), Escargoon (former), Ash, Pikachu, May, Clemont, Bonnie, Serena, Kirby, Gumball, Darwin, Meta Knight
Enemies: Ash (former), Pikachu (former), May (former), Clemont (former), Bonnie (former), Serena (former), Kirby (former), Gumball (former), Darwin (former), King Dedede, Escargoon
First Appearance: Pokémon Emergency!, Pokemon the serie: XY

Meowth (Japanese: ニャース Nyarth) is a member of former Team Rocket, more specifically part of a trio with Jessie and James, that follows Ash Ketchum and his friends around in the Pokémon anime, usually trying to steal Ash's Pikachu. The future episode of Pokemon the serie: XY, The group nursed him back to health and invited him to accompany them so as to protect him from Trainers wanting to capture the only talking Meowth in Kalos, he reunited with May and his friends again.

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