At the school cafeteria the next day, Penny and Darwin remark on the friendship formed between Gumball and Leslie. Bursting through the cafeteria doors is a naked and partially eaten Leslie, calling Gumball insane. Penny immediately rushes to his side, prompting Gumball's Jealousy to return. Gumball, with no traces of his former self visible, pounces on Leslie and brutally rips his petals off one by one. Darwin rushes over and, with Penny's help, restrains a feral Gumball from hurting Leslie further. By then, everyone notices that Gumball is not himself. Carrie formulates a plan and leads them all to her house.

Knowing full well that Gumball's Jealousy had gotten the better of him, Carrie has called everyone to her room to perform an exorcism. They put Gumball in the center of a circle of candles and occult markings while chanting "Jealousy be gone..." repeatedly. Much to Carrie's surprise, the exorcism is successful, and the Jealousy is expelled from Gumball's body and manifests into a lumpy green ball of ectoplasm. Penny steps into the circle to try to help Gumball, but breaks the protection ward by doing so, releasing Jealousy from his prison. He immediately wreaks havoc on the room, trashing anything and everything that he envies and possessing Leslie, Carrie and Darwin in order. He soon declares an ultimatum: if he can't have Gumball, then nobody can, and prepares to explode. The only way to be rid of him is if Gumball overcomes his envy of Leslie. But he cannot so long as Penny and Leslie are dating, to which Penny responds that they're not dating, they're cousins. Now that Gumball is no longer jealous of Leslie, Jealousy disappears. The five kids lie exhausted amidst a pile of Carrie's belongings. Carrie gives Gumball a friendly punch in the arm, which causes Penny to blurt out a similarly-lengthy insult at her, Carrie say the demon will return. When everyone else went. Shortly after, a child killer who is set on fire by the parents of his victims named Eddy Cougar. Eddy Cougar's clawed glove bursts out of the ground and under as he laughs, setting up the events of the episode of The Nightmare from The Amazing World of Gumball in Halloween Special.



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